Our Pipeline

Multiple clinical-stage candidates in immuno-oncology and infectious disease, with a focus on combination therapies that may significantly increase the number of patients responsive to today’s most innovative cancer treatments.

Corporate Presentation

View our recent investor presentations, which highlight the progress of our clinical programs and key upcoming milestones.

Our Partners

Collaborations at the frontier of R&D in cancer and serious diseases are a vital component of our program. We have a strong track record of successful, long-term partnerships focused on building value and expanding treatment options.

At IMV Inc.

We believe that the key to leveraging the power of human immunity resides in the way we communicate with our immune system. Modern medicine has created access to technologically advanced targets—proteins, peptides, DNA/RNA vaccines—that can be used to encode directives to our immune system. But those commands are secondary, as our immune systems have already evolved over millions of years to precisely and powerfully recognize and respond to a wide variety of danger signals.

We have just begun to tap the power of human immunity.

But how can we help more patients?

First Impressions Count

The method and manner in which directives are delivered to our immune systems, and their initial responses, are critical components of leveraging the disease-fighting potential of human immunity. At IMV, we believe that we have found a groundbreaking way to deliver the messages to command and sustain that pivotal response. By using our unique delivery platform, we believe we have the capacity to mobilize our immune system in a manner that will open a new era in immunotherapies and disease prevention.

Research & Development

Driven by the fundamental science underscoring our platform, our R&D teams leverage the unique mechanism of action of our 100% oil-based delivery formulations, coupled with proprietary targets, to harness human immunity in a truly novel way.

In the Clinic: DPX-Survivac

Our lead candidate is priming tumors for today’s strongest anti-cancer agents. We are focused on developing combination therapies that can improve treatment outcomes for some of today’s toughest cancers. Read about our clinical trials here.

Who We Are

Disrupting Disease. Transforming the Power of Human Immunity. We are committed to building value for our partners and our investors, while working to help fill the significant gaps in today’s treatment landscape.

High Standards. Even Higher Aspirations.

Working at IMV brings you to the forefront of cutting-edge science and research for cancer and other serious diseases. We’ve worked hard to build a culture of innovation and collaboration.

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