Research and Development

Power. Precision. Impact. Sustainability.

Our delivery platform is our research and development (R&D) cornerstone — a robust and scalable engine for delivering therapeutic agents that activate and direct immune responses in a controlled, impactful way. Our R&D teams are able to leverage the unique mechanism of action of our platform to impact the way we harness the immune system in the fight against cancer and other serious diseases.

Our R&D strategy focuses on developing our own immuno-oncology product candidates with our partners, which currently include Incyte Corporation, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Merck. We are focused on areas in immuno-oncology where we can drive most value in expanding the range of patient populations responsive to recent advances in immunotherapies, particularly in hard-to-treat cancers that include advanced ovarian cancer.


Our DPX-NEO program is focused on further expanding the immuno-oncology applications for our platform. Collaborating with experts in the field at UConn Health, we are evaluating the potential anti-cancer activity of patient-specific epitopes formulated in our delivery platform. There is tremendous potential for both the ability to efficiently and safely personalize medicines to patient-specific tumors, and the applications to a vast range of cancers, leading experts in the field to dub this the ‘next frontier’ of cancer immunotherapy research.

Our mission is to make immunotherapies more effective, more broadly applicable and more widely available to people facing cancer and infectious diseases.

Because our platform is widely applicable to many therapeutic markets, we are also investigating opportunities to out-license our technology with partners in treatment areas that include infectious diseases and allergies. We are proud to work with our partners, The University of Edinburgh and Leidos, on these projects.