One Platform. Multiple Opportunities.

Our industry is focused on finding ways to help expand and direct the power of human immunity against diseases in new and powerful ways. We believe that the key to doing this lies not in over-engineering biological responses or chemical reactions in vivo. After all, we are already hard-wired with an elegant, powerful way to combat serious diseases.

DPX has advanced a new class of immunotherapies

We believe that how we deliver instructions to the human immune system is the key to generating a pivotal, sustained response against diseases previously unresponsive to immuno-therapies.

And the power of our approach starts with our groundbreaking delivery formulation that we believe will provide a powerful mechanism to present stimulants to the human immune system, and sustain them over time. Our platform utilizes a proprietary, extraordinarily stable “NO-RELEASE” delivery system that is 100 percent oil-based, which mitigates the propensity for synthetic peptides or antigens to break down, thereby extending the stimulation of the immune response.

Our formulations promote the uptake and extended delivery to cells of the immune system, thereby producing a more rapid, robust and sustained immune response against specific disease targets. Each formulation is comprised of one or more immunologic agents, usually an antigen and an adjuvant, encapsulated in nanoscale lipid particles. Following administration, our formulation does not release components at the injection site, allowing it to continuously interact with and stimulate the immune system over an extended period of time.

To date, our candidate products have been successfully tested in hundreds of human subjects across multiple indications.

Our unique platform provides a number of specific advantages over other delivery systems:

  • Can be used to safely extend exposure of the immune system to practically any active ingredients.
  • The safety profile and sustained immunological activity have been demonstrated in both preclinical studies and human clinical trials in multiple cancer and infectious disease indications.
  • Can be combined readily with other immunotherapeutic approaches, including immune modulators and checkpoint inhibitors.
  • May require fewer administrations than currently available immunotherapies, with the potential for single-dose effectiveness in certain indications.
  • Fully synthetic and relatively easy to manufacture; each product is stored in dry form and reconstituted in oil for injection, providing an extended shelf life and simple handling and administration in the clinic.