Clinical Trials

Clinical Candidates that Span a Broad Range of Diseases and Markets

In our modern era of moonshots, we are in the ultimate race of our time to increase the number of patients, beyond the current 20 percent industry average1, that respond to today’s most advanced immunotherapies.

IMV is developing a pipeline of novel therapeutic and preventive approaches for cancer and other serious diseases. Our proprietary platform provides a solution for product candidates with the potential to produce more rapid, robust and sustained immune responses. We have leveraged this technology, along with partnerships with world-class researchers, to build a diverse and growing pipeline of combination immunotherapies for difficult-to-treat cancers and hard-to-address infectious disease challenges.

CPA = intermittent low dose CPA

Our proprietary platform is the solution for rapid, robust and sustained immune responses that accurately target serious diseases.

Our development pipeline currently includes multiple clinical-stage programs, each in areas of significant unmet medical needs. In our immuno-oncology programs, we are focused on advancing combination immunotherapies, as we believe that it is necessary to attack difficult cancers from multiple pathways. Cancers continue to persist because of their uncanny ability to evolve – to create resistances that continually evade the immune system and survive even the most modern treatment advances for the vast majority of patients. Activating T cells is a crucial component—but one of several inherent in our strategy to ‘out-think’ cancer. Therefore, our pipeline includes combinations with cyclophosphamide – which can be used as an immune modulator, as well as other agents, such as anti-PD-1 inhibitors that can act synergistically with our T cell activating technology to reduce systemic resistance and bolster targeted anti-cancer responses.

Our cancer programs are evaluating the use of our lead candidate, DPX-Survivac and intermittent low dose CPA (CPA) in multiple combination regimens for advanced ovarian cancer, including some of the earliest triple-combination immunotherapy trials in this tumor type, and in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). DPX-Survivac is a T cell activating immunotherapy that targets survivin, an antigen present in more than 20 types of solid tumor and hematologic cancers. We are working with several clinical partners to advance DPX-Survivac/CPA, including Merck.


1. Patrick A. Ott, F. Stephen Hodi, Howard L. Kaufman, Jon M. Wigginton and Jedd D. Wolchok. Combination immunotherapy: a road map. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (2017). 5:16 DOI 10.1186/s40425-017-0218-5