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We Value Human Potential

One of our greatest hopes for advancing the fight against serious diseases is finding better ways to direct our single greatest weapon–the human immune system. But how can we better activate and direct the immune system to serve this purpose?

IMV Team

IMV is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company that wants to transform the way we engage human immunity to address some of the most complex, devastating diseases in today’s medical landscape.

Our Delivery Platform that Gets the Message Through

Our technology provides the foundation of our Company and underscores the novel benefits of our product candidates across multiple therapeutic markets. Our human immune system is bombarded with countless messages and directives at any given moment. The key, we believe, is making sure that the right directives get through, safely and efficiently, to help our body do what it is already designed to do: fight serious diseases.

The technology behind our unique delivery platform can help to get the messages across, by promoting the active uptake and extending the delivery time to the immune system. Our formulations provide a simple but elegant solution to delivering the right messages, and helping to make sure they are received and acted upon, by our immune system.

Through partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech leaders, we are leveraging the unique capabilities of the platform to develop innovate therapies with the potential to mobilize the power of the immune system in a more rapid, robust and sustained fashion. We work with a sense of purpose, using the best science and drug development practices to address urgent unmet medical needs in cancer and other diseases.

With three candidates already in clinical trials and several more at the precipice, we are committed to building a company that can deliver value for our shareholders, patients and communities.

DPX-Survivac: A Dual-Threat Tumor Target and Optimal Combination Therapy Enabler

Using our robust and scalable delivery platform, we develop immunotherapeutic agents that activate and direct T cells against cancer, and complement the activity of other immuno-modulating agents. Our lead candidate, DPX-Survivac, targets the protein survivin, which is present in more than 15 types of solid tumor and hematologic cancers. In addition to being a widely recognized tumor-associated antigen (TAA), survivin also plays an important role in the dysregulated cell apoptosis and metastasis that are the hallmarks of cancer. Therefore, the value of manipulating this target is twofold: it is both a cell surface marker widely expressed in, but specific to, tumor cells, as well as a cancer-driving mechanism that is implicated in the proliferation of the tumor itself.

DPX-Survivac is currently being evaluated in multiple clinical trials in combination with other advanced immunotherapy agents, including checkpoint inhibitors, in collaboration with Merck. These include two triple combination trials in advanced ovarian cancer, one of our main areas of therapeutic focus. We believe that DPX-Survivac’s unique, T cell-focused mechanism of action and established clinical immunogenic track record position it as an optimal choice for expanding the utility and patient response rates to today’s most groundbreaking immunotherapies.

Broad Market Potential for our Therapies

While our internal clinical program is focused on advancing applications of DPX-Survivac in hard-to-treat cancers, we also recognize that our platform has a broad range of applications across multiple therapeutic areas and potential products. We are working with partners including Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and UConn Health to leverage our platform with DPX-E7 and DPX NEO programs.

Beyond the cancer market, we are focused on working with partners to deploy our platform in those areas where its novel MOA can deliver the greatest value. We have several ongoing programs in infectious diseases related to public health threats and indications with limited if any treatment options, such as virulent malaria, the Zika virus and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

RSV, in particular, is an indication that has plagued much of our industry with its treatment complexities. Believing that a novel delivery formulation can help address some of the pitfalls associated with RSV clinical programs, we have developed our DPX-RSV candidate. In a Phase 1 clinical trial, 100 percent of healthy older adult volunteers who responded to the candidate achieved a sustained antigen-specific immune response that remained at peak one year post-injection with DPX-RSV; we believe that this level of response with a low-dose volume of a small peptide approach is groundbreaking and highlights the potential of our platform.


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